Yamba is a far cry from the many coastal tourist traps

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Yamba is a far cry from the many coastal tourist traps that are dominated by clubs and nightlife. To the contrary, it’s a down-to-earth place without many pretensions that offers nothing but the most quality relaxation and wholesome fun for the whole family. Here, people get up early and hit the sack early as well, living at a pace that reflects the paradise-like natural setting.

One of the most significant attributes of Yamba is the world-class surf conditions, such as the incomparable break point at Angourie; visitors should take notice of the fact that only experienced surfers should venture out into the water here, and that you’re on your own!

In downtown Yamba, beyond the many swanky (though well-priced) boutiques and shops, visitors will discover the Port of Yamba Historical Society. The museum operated by the society is widely considered to be among the most enchanting museums that any small town in this region of Australia has to offer. Its photography display, the prime exhibit, captures the essence of more than a hundred years of life in Yamba; it and other displays make the museum well worth a visit while in town.

Without a doubt the most capturing quality of Yamba and surrounds is the imposing natural setting, which offers unique treats no matter what direction you strike out in from the town’s centre. Headed south, visitors will find the Yuraygir National Park with its cliff-strewn, rocky stretch of coastline; headed to the north, visitors will discover the Iluka Nature Reserve, which houses what remains of a significant rainforest that is also listed as a World Heritage site. Headed north yet again, visitors will also find Bundjalung National Park, a natural expanse containing one of New South Wales’ few remaining wild rivers.

There are abundant of Yamba accommodation opportunities to be considered, and no matter whether visitors are on a solitary backpacking voyage or have the whole family in tow, they’ll find the accommodations that fit their necessities. A sampling of popular options to be kept in mind when in Yamba would include the Yamba Links Villa, the Sands Beachside, the Castaways, and the Convent Cottage.

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