Bamboo floors give any home that instant Zen feel. This particular type of flooring has gained popularity all throughout the 21st century particularly because of its perceived environmental benefits and its highly exotic look. Bamboo flooring is often marketed and promoted to be incredibly hard and massively durable, but the truth of the matter is, bamboo is just as hard as a Walnut trees and Maple trees, both of which are considered as soft wood. Bamboo is gentle to the feet and makes fantastic flooring for Asian-themed houses where members of the family often go barefoot. It is a rapidly renewable resource, so purchasing bamboo for flooring is a very practical choice.

When it comes to bamboo wood flooring prices, prices vary in terms of the type of finish and the kind of wood used. Bamboo wood flooring prices can begin below $2 per square feet and can skyrocket to more than $8 per square feet. Price becomes one of the most significant deciding factors when it comes to bamboo flooring, and it might be somewhat overwhelming for a first-time buyer because prices vary enormously. The cost of the finishing in a bamboo floor plus the labor involved adds quite an exorbitant sum to the final price; plus, the cost it would take you to have the flooring installed. A standard finished bamboo flooring can vary from around $1.99 to $4.99 per square feet, but other factors can influence this price such as the length of your floor’s warranty or whether your plans are snap-lock or straight-edged.

The bamboo floor’s coating has a huge effect on its price. Coatings that are low on formaldehyde are incredibly environmentally-friendly but cost more to produce and replicate. Always remember never to choose a type of bamboo flooring in terms of the lowest price, most especially if the coating or the finish used is a health hazard, which is most likely to affect your health negatively in the long run.

Bamboo wood flooring prices are also influenced by the type of warranty that comes along with it. Some bamboo floors have no warranties while some have warranties that last a lifetime; so before purchasing your flooring, always take into consideration how often your floor will be stepped on and what might cause its wear and tear. If you will only be using your floor for five years, then select bamboo flooring with the appropriate warranty so you can save money. A longer warranty always equates to higher bamboo wood flooring prices.

The type of installation also influences bamboo wood flooring prices. Bamboo planks with built-in snap lock or click lock joints cost much more than those without. If you are determined to put in more work for your flooring, then opt for those without locks instead. But if you want a quick, hassle-free installation, then purchase bamboo floors with snap locks. You will be paying a slightly higher price, but it’s very much worth it.

The World Wide Web offers a huge selection of bamboo floors with enormously varying prices. The best way to arrive at the best one is to select the type of bamboo floors with a warranty, price and installation procedure that suit your taste the most.