Mallacoota is the perfect escape for the city dweller

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If the daily 9 to 5 grind in Sydney or Melbourne is starting to take its toll, then it might be time to head out on the Princess Highway to Mallacoota, an isolated paradise, and not just for golfers.

With tons of surrounding forests and wildlife, the small fishing town of Mallacoota is the perfect escape for any city dweller to trade in their stress-filled life for either relaxation or exploration. Not to mention that with Croajingolong National Park surrounding the town, over 87,500 hectares of coastal woodland and temperate rainforests offer the adventurer a wide array of activities, from hiking, walking, canoeing, swimming and even fishing, although a license is required. Additionally, anyone can camp out at one of the many campgrounds within the park to really vast in all that is Mother Nature’s glory.

A visit to Mallacoota without a trip to Gabo Island, however, is basically just a waste of time. Located only 16km from the town, Gabo Island houses one of the largest populations of small penguins, as well as the second tallest lighthouse in the country, fabricated out of locally cut pink granite. The ancient and aesthetically pleasing structure was completed in 1862, originally constructed out of wood and was designed to prevent many of the shipwrecks that had occurred in the shallow waters between the island and the mainland. One particular wreck was the Monumental City shipwreck, were 30 people died in 1853 near Tullaberga Island.

Besides lighthouse touring, individuals can go fishing, swimming and even snorkeling off of the island’s coast at Santa Barbara Bay. Not to mention that for the lucky, dolphin, whale and seal spotting can sometimes occur. Of course, the island is also a great place for a great walk or a picnic lunch with the family.

Although the only lodging facilities on the island are the 8 person accommodations at the residence of the assistant light keeper, the quick boat ride back to the small coastal town offers a wide variety of places to stay. In fact, the large selection of Mallacoota accommodation options range from beachfront apartments to cozy bed and breakfasts. Moreover, with the ocean breezes and mellow climate, Mallacoota is the perfect place for a week long vacation at almost any time during the year.

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