Control and Operations

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The introduction of every new system brings an increase in the magnitude of the data gathered, processed and communicated. Invariably this increases the complexity of system development, validation, operation and maintenance. On top of that, it is happening in a highly cost-conscious environment where the investment is examined over the lifetime of the system deployment.

VEGA is dedicated to allowing the organisations we work with to concentrate on their core business and users’ needs, through the outsourcing of the specialised technical aspects for the control and operation of their systems. We are able to deliver this support worldwide, in a variety of business models. Our service lines include:

Spacecraft and Payload Operations

VEGA is Europe’s leading independent spacecraft operations services company.
We have been preparing and flying satellites for the European Space Agency since 1978. We provide long-term operations engineering teams to other operators such as EUMETSAT and UK Mod. We also provide additional peak support to commercial sitcom operators in particular for the introduction of new satellite series or periods of intensive launch activity.

Our engineers are skilled in all aspects of platform engineering, geostationary, low earth orbit and interplanetary operations and scientific and telecommunication payloads. Our services include:
Satellite operations preparation, validation, execution and support
Ground segment operations and logistics
Commercial, military and civil government operations
Real-time operations simulators

Systems Engineering and AIV

System engineering and AIV (Assembly, Integration and Verification) is the key to realising a successful programme. VEGA focuses significant efforts towards the provision of experienced system engineers and system engineering solutions. Our capabilities range from the provision of dedicated system engineering professionals for tasks such as safety critical ground segment validation to undertaking requirements specification for new navigation programmes.

As an independent supplier, we have direct experience of most European satellite platforms, most US and European ground control software, and a wide variety of telecommunication and scientific payloads. Our services include:
Feasibility studies, services and systems
Requirements engineering
System analysis and design
Technology/system studies
Independent reviews
AIT planning, specification and execution
No matter what the issue, our approach is soundly based on pragmatic engineering principles and wide domain knowledge.

Technical Management and Procurement

For clients new to the Space domain or clients based outside Europe, it can be cost-effective and less risky to subcontract aspects of programme procurement and/or management to an independent European expert. VEGA offers an expert service to clients procuring satellites or payloads in Europe or clients wishing to benchmark their own programme against industry standards. As we are an independent service provider we have direct experience of:
European satellite platforms
US and European ground control software
A wide variety of telecommunication and scientific payloads
VEGA has assisted clients ranging from financial institutions and commercial satellite operators through to government departments and scientific institutes.
Technical Consulting

We share our technical expertise, domain knowledge and experience to support organisations and institutions in their core business through the outsourcing of the specialised technical aspects for the control and operations of their systems.

VEGA’s engineers have a wide variety of technical skills. We are proud to have a reputation for the provision of technology expertise in the Space and Defence domains. Our engineers are involved in the development and operation of highly specialised equipment, ranging from the latest earth observation instruments to ion propulsion systems.

If we don’t have the information in-house, our links across the Space and Defence communities enable VEGA to ascertain the expertise quickly and efficiently.

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