Cedar Wood Prices

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Cedar wood is an especially good type of wood for durability. It can handle nasty weather and even rain. In addition, it has a golden shine that makes it very distinctive compared to other types of wood. The best part is that finding cedar wood prices is easier than ever with the invention of the internet, and you will be shocked at how low prices can be on this type of wood compared to the expensive hardwoods such as cherry or teak.


If you are looking for cedar wood furniture then there are some really great places to shop out there. Start by looking for discount furniture stores that will carry a variety of solid cedar furniture that can be both comfortable and stylish. If you are unsure of how much to pay, check out places like Google shopping to find out about how much you should pay for cedar furniture. This varies quite a bit depending on whether you are buying a chair, a nightstand or something in between.


Cedar is also great for wood flooring. Because of its durability and distinct texture, it makes a very good type of wood for hardwood floors. You might be surprised at how little people actually choose to put this type of wood on their floors so it is definitely more of a unique style. Most people choose oak, maple or cherry for their hardwood floors so you can go your own way by checking out cedar wood prices.


Cedar is also ideal for cabinets. Since it does come in a variety of styles including fine grained, it can make a very elegant set of cabinets. Again, it is less expensive than your typical cherry cabinets so you can save yourself some money without sacrificing style.


Some people even use cedar wood for barbequing. It has such a distinct flavor and smell that it really makes a great barbeque roast.


When comparing cedar wood prices try not to go above $2.00 per board foot unless it is significantly higher quality than your standard wood. Expect places like Home Depot or Lows to charge you even up to $2.50 per foot with an extra $2.00 per foot in labor charges as they tend to be much more expensive than your local discount wood outlets. But cedar can definitely be worth the price.

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