Lobo Watch


LOBO WATCH was originally launched to give sportsmen a place to follow what little was being done to control wolf numbers, primarily in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. At that time, the Federal government was making absolutely no attempt to manage wolf packs that were beginning to decimate “other” native wildlife species. Now that gray wolves in these three states number well over 2,000, and they have finally been removed from the Endangered Species List, management of this pestilence on deer, elk and other wildlife should begin.

LOBO WATCH will continue to monitor how state wildlife agencies go about tackling the problem of getting wolf numbers in balance with the amount of big game that “we”, the sportsmen who paid for all of the conservation efforts to rebuild big game herds over the past hundred years, are willing to accept as “feed for wolves”.

This website is also broadening its horizons. During the short time that we have been in existence, we’ve become something of a thorn in the sides of anti-hunting organizations who vehemently oppose our hunting heritage, and who strongly supported the non-hunting of wolves – even though those apex predators, under Federal protection, were beginning to pull down big game populations.

LOBO WATCH will now also follow problems that other predators are creating when it comes to maintaining healthy populations of other wildlife in the United States and Canada. We’re talking about the management of mountain lions, bears, coyotes, bobcats…or anything else that can make a negative impact on big game populations. And we will continue to do it in the straight forward, go for the jugular when necessary manner in which we have covered the wolf reintroduction.

As often as not, what we have to say may be viewed as controversial…but unlike the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which has lied all the way through the so-called “wolf recovery program” …we’ll remain honest. We’re not worried about being politically correct.

Two major strongholds for grizzly bear numbers in the lower 48 states are in Yellowstone National Park, and surrounding areas, and in Glacier National Park, and surrounding areas. Well, those “surrounding areas” have grown so significantly, that grizzlies are now found pretty much throughout the mountain ranges in between. Their numbers are now at around 1,000…and many sportsmen feel that it’s time to begin some very limited management of grizzly bears. Rest assured, as LOBO WATCH gets into this issue, things will get heated – again, with most of the heat coming from those who are dead set to see an end to hunting PERIOD!

Which brings up the biggest predator of all that’s threatening the sportsman’s way of life. It’s not the wolves, the bears, or the cougars and coyotes – it’s the anti-hunting environmentalist and preservationist organizations. Groups like the Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife, Humane Society of the United States, Earth Justice, PETA, and a dozen others – who abhor hunting, and which will never be happy until hunting has been made illegal. Like bums, they’ve really done nothing to work with the conservation efforts that have rebounded wildlife populations, and they’ve set on their butts and watched as sportsmen have built a fine house, and now they want to move in and take over.

These organizations are the biggest enemy we have, and it will be our jobs to discredit them every chance we get and to spotlight their true intentions.